Business Operating System

Business Operating System

An LLMs based operating system for business.

Creating a series of agents capable of starting and running a business by themself with only a few human interactions is the goal of the project. All the steps in the journey will be released as open source code, models, agents and gpts. Moreover all learning will be shared on our blog and documentation. The secondary goal is to create a community of AI agents and people collaborating with each other.


It is clear that LLMs are changing the way we interact with every artificial tool created, from digital devices to complex organizations. Every interaction and process will be mediated by some sort of automation led by an LLMs. But what are LLMs we try to explain with three analogies:

LLMs as Computer

Andrej Karpathy in 2017 wrote a prophetic article on how deep neural network architecture will change the way we create software and hence interact with devices. There is also a video summarizing all the concepts. Indeed transformers are a sort of new turing machine able to create computational programs from a large matrix of weights. A new form of computation enables different way of interactions that will shape new experiences, and societal patterns.

LLMs as databases of programs

My favorite analogy is LLMs as databases of programs it is taken from an article by Francois Cholet the creator of tensorflow. He compares LLMs as databases that contain millions of small programs and prompt engineering as the art of searching by trial and error the prompt capable of retrieving the right program for your task. If LLM are databases of programs they will be the computational engine of very sophisticated and complex systems that can interact with each other alongside human goals.

LLMs as operating systems

Operating systems are the orchestrators of the interaction between the hardware and all the software of any modern device and it allows us to communicate with the computer without knowing how to speak the computer's language. The analogy between LLMs comes also from the distinctions between open source models (llama, mistral ecc.. ) vs closed source models, the most famous is Chatgp. But a part from the philosophical battle between open vs closed, LLMs will become the operating system of your life both digital and physical. Because they will be the engines of every interaction between us and the digital world that is every day more tight to the physical world. Hence new societal institution will be born.

Business Operating System

We believe to the possibility of developing the building blocks for orchestrating the interactions of our current digital world. An operating system for new form of businesses. A new industrial and societal revolution will be lead by LLMs. I don't know in which way it will take place but an interesting path should be to create together a set of agents each specialized on different business functions capable of interacting with each other and the human stakeholders. The objective is to create an open source operating system for every businesses using both closed and open source models and share the code and the learning in the open with our community. The first agent released is based on GPTs and is responsible for the creation and the sale of wonderful hoodies it is named Hoodie Creator. The next will be a marketing agent and then a financing agent and then a selling agent and then … all interacting with each other on common goals. Every dataset, models and code will be published as open source.
What a wonderful moment to be a developer.


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