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MII-LLM an indipendent AI research community

We are specializing ourselves in training, evaluating, developing and deploying AI systems. All our services are supported by Seeweb cloud provider. We ♥ Italy and open source.


Is a 7 billion open source model fine tuned for producing good Italian both semantically and syntatically. Maestrale is able to integrate with tools via json and API calls and has reasoning capabilities. It is one of the best Italian open source models and all anonymized conversations will be published as open source datasets.

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Italian LLMs leaderboard

The ranking of the open source Italian LLMs on reproducible evaluation benchmarks as mmlu_it, arc_c_it, hellaswag_it and others.

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Open source contributions

We have many thousands of downloads. Here a list of our most important contributions to the ML/AI open source community


We contribute to add mmlu and arc_c evaluation benchmark for Italian based tasks. Our bechmarks are now used by many LLMs groups for evaluating Italian based LLMs

Zefiro trilogy

One of the first completely open source Italian model in three versions: continual pre-trained, SFT and DPO

Gazzetta Ufficiale

The entire corpus of the current Italian laws as an open source dataset

Ultrafeedback ITA

Translated version of the ultrafeedback dataset for SFT fine tuning

Ultrafeedback binarized ITA

Translated version eng to ita of the popular ultrafeedback binarized dataset for DPO fine tuning.

Usenet conversations

The biggest dataset of real conversations in the Italian language from usenet


We tranlated the mmlu-pro dataset to Italian and contributed to integrate into the lm-eval command for evaluating Italian LLM on difficult tasks

Maestrale series

A series of open source LLMs a fine tuned versions of mistral 7 Billion for producing Italian